Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Repairs Newark

Do you need a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini repaired?

Galaxy S4 Mini Repair is carried out at our shop while you are wiating. We keep all Galaxy S3 Mini parts in stock for quick and cheap repairs.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”]Repair%20Type,[align-center]Price|Glass%20Only,[align-center]%C2%A380|Glass%20%26%20LCD%20Complete,[align-center]%C2%A3120|Battery%20Replacement,[align-center]%C2%A315|Speaker%20Problems,[align-center]%C2%A330|Headphone%20Socket,[align-center]%C2%A340|Silent%20%2F%20Volume%20Button%20Repair,[align-center]%C2%A340|Connector%20%2F%20Charging%20Port,[align-center]%C2%A335[/vc_table]

No matter what problem you have with your Galaxy Mini phone, we can help sort it with our expert repairs process:

  • Smashed/non-working screen
  • Software problems
  • Hardware faults
  • Water damage (although it is unlikely a water damaged handset can be repaired)
  • Handset not turning on
  • Crashing
  • Broken casing.
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